Lets pick a domain name!

What domain names do you like from this list? You can also suggest one below!

  • ouya.center
  • ouya.city
  • ouya.click
  • ouya.club
  • ouya.community
  • ouya.country
  • ouya.digital
  • ouya.direct
  • ouya.fyi
  • ouya.games
  • ouya.international
  • ouya.life
  • ouya.network
  • ouya.online
  • ouya.ooo
  • ouya.rocks
  • ouya.space
  • ouya.town
  • ouya.world

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I will not buy a domain from someone for more than $10, so don’t bother trying to squat me.


I like it because everyone thinks it’s dead and we’re keeping it alive.

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Congratz all! We bought a domain and have migrated to it.


Really liking the way this is looking :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see this place alive and kicking!

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